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By creating entertainment for you, we have the impression that we give you new strength to act on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to see when you get wings and just enjoy

Our place is on the border of entertainment, events and high art. This gives us great opportunities to act, because we often use experience in one field in another and vice versa. Our mission is to create a positive image of companies. However, our goal is to create unforgettable and exciting events at the highest level. The event is a tool for creating the company’s image, promoting the brand and the product. Therefore, we propose interesting and unconventional ideas as well as proven organizational solutions. Our presentations are prepared by a team of experienced professionals focused on effective forms of modern marketing, in which competences include both interesting, reliable solutions and innovative, contemporary event forms.

In recent years, we have completed several interesting projects. There was a design and implementation of a multimedia scenography and a video art of the concert. Designing a space for a challenging performance involving several hundred artists. 300m² of multi-level covered platforms with separate communication routes for each of the complexes, connected with the installation of multimedia pilasters, lighting and animations on the surrounding tenement houses – this must give satisfaction. Participation in theatrical projects with the most outstanding directors, composers and producers, as well as co-creating artistic events with the great names of the Polish music scene. We also cannot forget about corporate events. For us, each event is a project that goes much beyond its implementation. We approach each one individually, adding the acquired industry knowledge, creativity and logistics. An example is a two-day event that we have been organizing for one of our key clients continuously for over a dozen years.

It seems that the greatest success today is surviving the last two years. In the case of the largest projects, it is worth asking what is the measure of their size? If the budget, the largest projects that we have managed to implement are jubilee galas and scientific congresses attended by thousands of participants in the largest hotels and theater halls in Poland. Success also means maintaining regular events. Event veterans are well aware of the trap of such productions, which must surprise the same group every year, must surprise the organizers again, where even 10 New Year’s Eve Ball must delight … and delight. Summing up meetings with the client are interesting, and he can tell us that we have outdone ourselves and throws the glove, saying: “I wonder what you will come up with next year”. Then there is a moment of consternation, and then it turns out that after a year we present a completely new quality, completely new energy, thanks to which we achieve a completely new result. It is our driving force, which also gives a sense of fulfillment and great satisfaction. It is satisfaction that is probably another measure of the “size of the event”. It has nothing to do with the budget and just a little to do with creativity.

The last two years have strongly verified the market of events, artistic and cultural undertakings. The situation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic significantly reduced the number of event and art agencies, as a result only the strongest survived – agencies with extensive experience and a base of long-term customers. We are glad that we belong to this group and in the post-pandemic reality, in which the events will return for good, we look for opportunities for continuous development.


Lana S. Barhorst

Owner & Event Architect


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Adam J. Straub


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A great team of professionals. They will carry out any task - they will not say that it is "impossible", which is often the case in this industry. Great atmosphere of cooperation. You can see a huge commitment to the topic of events, heart and extensive experience in what they do.

Jack Stevenson

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